Oh I do say, it’s lovely weather!

This sunshine is making me uncontrollably excited for my holidays in a few months time.
For some unknown reason I have an urge to learn how to surf! It would be pretty amazing, although I would have to learn how to swim proparly first. I want to be able to wear the Roxy Surf Stuff without looking like a complete idiot walking down Lincoln High Street.

Anyway…not much to tell really, apart from the fact I am now trying to learn about CSS.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I ate 2 breakfasts this morning…2!!! I have never eaten that much in a morning before, I’ve only just recently started eating breakfast again! I feel extremely pigish right now, haha.

And whilst looking for this lovely picture, I found this absolutely adorable looking miniature pig.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything as cute!


Work…yes…my webpage that I have been building whilst learning about htmls is looking quite bad! I have random photos and tables, crazy paragraphs and lines going absolutely no-where! But I am learning, and the more I copy and paste the more I’m understanding (hahahahaha) No really, I suppose I am kind of. I change little bits in the html code and it seems to work, so I must be getting it.

Oh yeah…Team Flumps won the Staff Sports Day =) Woohoo!