A review of my time with html

I don’t really like it…at all.

It’s too difficult and I’ll never be able to read it…ever.

Although, Tizag did help me out in getting a webpage started. The only problem there was I copied and pasted the codes it told me to and then I saw what the codes turned into. I didn’t really understand what they were and what they did. I find it very hard to grasp. There’d be times where I thought I was getting it and then I’d have a go at changing the codes and everything and it wouldn’t do anything! So, I don’t like it because I can’t do it!
Even when I used Sharepoint and it shows you the html codes above the normal text, I couldn’t fathom out which went with what…apart from the line break code, I know that one! Sharepoint was pretty fun to use though!

So there it is. There’s my review.