I’m Back =)

Well I’m back from my 2 weeks dogsitting. It was a good but exhausting 2 weeks!
This is the adorable 2 and a half year old dog I looked after for my mum and dad while they were away.


Absolutely gorgeous isn’t he?
He’s the funniest dog I think I’ve ever known. He sits in a chair like a human does and falls asleep like that aswell! And he’s terrified of little dogs, he’ll run away from them yet he’ll go and cause trouble with dogs bigger than him!

I’ve now moved into my new student house aswell. I moved in there on the 8th of this month and its a nice little house. We went to view it at the beginning of the year and it was the nicest we saw and now they’ve fitted a whole new kitchen, new leather sofas and a new tv so its even better!!

I’m also trying to find some work experience but I’m having no luck at the minute. I’ve sent letters out to solicitor’s firms in and around Lincoln but they have all said that they don’t have anything available. Its so so hard especially when we get told from our tutors that its important you get atleast some work experience and do some volunteer work. I’ve sent out letters since I started at Lincoln 2 years ago and I still haven’t found anything, so the pressure really is on and I’m running out of ideas now!

Cracking on with my report as well, about half way through now =) Might be done by the end of the week, beginning of next.


Au revoir
Peace Out
See ya later!

I’m going home for 2 weeks to look after my parents’ dog while they go away to a gorgeously hot country…jealous?? Pfftt, of course!
He’s a 2 year old golden labrador and I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to control him so wish me luck!!

Be back soon =)

An Update

Top news: We won the rounders tournament – The Flumps won the tournament!! And…I got a trophy for ‘Umpire’s Player’, I was so happy!!

Winners and their medals! From left to right - Wayne Gathergood, Rick Battenbough, Matthew Darch - team captain, Amit Dutta, William Summerlin, Me and Ashley Vickers

In other news: I spent a bit of my morning being amazed by a magician in the office with card tricks =) One word…Brilliant!

I have just started to write my report comparing Google Docs and MS Word and I would like to thank the people who replied to my earlier post, great help =)