What’s occurring

Well, on Tuesday I took a trip to the GCW top floor to discover where the posters for the wireless printing could be put. I think the idea is to introduce the wireless printing in short bursts so that if things don’t work out as planned it won’t be a huge blow and won’t have too many students complaining at once.

I don’t have a huge amount to report about work as I haven’t really been doing too much.
However, I have been asked to possibly give a 1-to-1 tutorial about Google Documents, which could be quite interesting and some good experience too.

Despite not much going on in work life, there’s loads going on in student life.
I have just signed up to be a part of the Lincoln Law Clinic that should be up and running again within the next week or so. I will be giving legal advice to some 15,000 people within the University, and those with links to the University. I have also signed up to something called StreetLaw, where I will have the opportunity to visit colleges and schools to give presentations on aspects of law.
Alot going on and hopefully alot going on the C.V. =D

An Apology

I really should make an apology to David Raines, Creator of the Portal, for a previous post I wrote. He found my post and I don’t think he was too happy! So to prove that the Portal isn’t as useless as people may think, he helped me find useful documents =) And I have to say, they are a big help! I specifically wanted documents on the University Regulations with regard to Assignments etc and information on Plagiarism, and Dave found them for me.
(Please note, it was Dave who found them, so I feel there is still a problem with finding things. I find it to be very ‘busy’.)

Also, after looking around Blackboard Dave found some Communities that I could enrol to that give information on Plagiarism and Exam techniques. Absolutely brilliant!
The thing is…I never knew these existed. So for the past 2 years I have been completely oblivious to these guidelines because the academics didn’t tell us about them! Why they wouldn’t tell us about something like this is unbeknown to me.

Better late than never I suppose.

Good Morning!

Only popped in for a couple of hours this morning (and every tuesday morning in future) to get up to date with goings on and fill people in on what I’ve been doing.
Going to have a go with the wireless printing while I’m here I think.

In terms of the acceptable users policy that I mentioned in my last post, the same one that we are using at the minute will be posted on the wireless site but not all of it! Its far too long and only a crazy student would sit and actually read a 20 page users policy which is basically saying (as my line manager put it) ‘Be Good’.
Looking to only use about 2 pages of it which is found in the student handbook.

Wireless Networking

If I firstly refer you to one of my earlier posts, its quite clear that I had trouble accessing the Internet from the Atrium due to the poor instructions on the wireless page. But I have to say that all of the booklets and even the homepage for the wireless are now looking good…I’m impressed! The help available is so much more clear now. And after speaking briefly to Jonathan Cushnie, it turns out there’s not been any complaints so far about accessing the wireless, which is great.
At the minute I’m just trying to find out about the Acceptable Users Policy and what’s happening with that with regard to the wireless.

After returning to work today after having suspected Swine Flu (apparently there’s not that much difference between normal flu, swine flu, and something called fresher’s flu!) I have found out that the Wireless Printing is going ahead and should be up and running in a few weeks. As a student, it sounds fab =) I’ll refer you to Nick Jackson’s Blog as Nick is the one who is setting it all up and he will be able to keep you all up to date.