I am a student at the University of Lincoln studying Law and I’m now in my 3rd and final year.

I like to make people smile and laugh.

I like to spend time with family and friends.

I love talking!

I love taking photos and having my photo taken! There is a reason – I always wanted to be a model. I had a professional photoshoot when I was about 17 and got myself a huge portfolio full of photos, I then got offered a modelling contract but didnt take it because I wanted to stick with my law and go to uni instead.

I really enjoy sightseeing. Especially on holiday, but I do take a camera with me wherever I go out of Lincoln or Scunthorpe. You can never take too many photos =)

I used to study karate until I started uni and I earned my black belt in 2006.

I can be abit of a girly girl at times =) I love having my hair done, I like wearing summery colours (apart from pink) BUT I do enjoy playing sport…well…trying to anyway! Mainly tennis and football!

I’m absolutely terrified of clowns (i have no idea why kids want them at their parties!), deep water and being on my own. Oh also…global warming. The whole thought of it and the concept of it scares me.
Apart from the film ‘IT’ by Stephen King, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is the next scariest film I have ever seen.

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