I discovered in my Introduction lecture on Wednesday that some tutors are not big fans of the Portal.


Because its not simple!

But, the tutor did have a point. It is extremely hard to find things that you need. It all seems to be hidden within menus and links where you wouldn’t expect it to be.
It is especially difficult for tutors to explain to students where these useful things are hidden. This has stemmed from my tutor trying to explain to us where to find Regulations relating to the University and Assessments. 
It is a very helpful site, don’t get me wrong, its just the fact that it is hard to find bits and bobs.

Is there any way it can be made simpler?!

Oh and…where CAN I find the Regulations for the Uni??

A Change

As of next week I will not be working my 20 hours that I have been in the past couple of months.
As you all know, lectures start in just over a week so I have had to lower my hours to fit around my timetable. Luckily I have a full day off so I can work a full day on a Friday and still earn some money, which is brill.

With regard to my report…its finished =) just need to change the format and layout and fingers crossed, I’ll have got it right this time!

Online Word Processors

Since re-attempting my report of Google Documents, I have come across quite a few ‘Online Word Processors’. I never knew these existed until I met Google Documents and since researching Google Docs I have found more! I think they’re fab! For most of them you need to have an account, but still…they’re handy.

There is also speculation that I am not the typical student, due to the fact I check my student e-mails (all the time), I think the automatic updates sent to the student e-mail (and staff e-mail) are very useful and as Tim witnessed today, I get excited when my new sites for 09/10 are posted on Blackboard!!
Hmmm…actually…I suppose I know where Tim is coming from!

Start Again

I finished my report and handed it in on Thursday of last week, but it wasn’t a report. I had written it how I would write an assignment and so the context in which it was written was all wrong. I was told the content was fine which is good! I just have to re-write so it is a report, which is extremely difficult.
The only way I know how to write and present facts is as an assignment so I am finding it really hard to change the context of the original into a report format.
I have absolutely no idea how to write a report because I have never written one before!
Any hints and tips would be much appreciated =)