What’s on and What’s Been on!?!

On Friday I went to give a little demostration on Google Docs over in the Chancellor’s office to someone who worked over there and it didnt work out as planned which was a bit of a pain. So number 1 on the agenda is to find out why it didnt work and tell the lady I demonstrated it to, make a help document for sharing files and shoot myself because it was so embarrassing!
Number 2 on the agenda is to investigate the portal. David Raines may be starting me on a project with the Portal but first I have to complete a task in ‘Portal Demystified’.

And then on the student side, I need to kick my bum into gear and get my assignments written!
Practically living in the library in my spare time!!
The only problem…the heating is up and down like crazy…I need heat!

An Update

Top news: We won the rounders tournament – The Flumps won the tournament!! And…I got a trophy for ‘Umpire’s Player’, I was so happy!!

Winners and their medals! From left to right - Wayne Gathergood, Rick Battenbough, Matthew Darch - team captain, Amit Dutta, William Summerlin, Me and Ashley Vickers

In other news: I spent a bit of my morning being amazed by a magician in the office with card tricks =) One word…Brilliant!

I have just started to write my report comparing Google Docs and MS Word and I would like to thank the people who replied to my earlier post, great help =)