A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I ate 2 breakfasts this morning…2!!! I have never eaten that much in a morning before, I’ve only just recently started eating breakfast again! I feel extremely pigish right now, haha.

And whilst looking for this lovely picture, I found this absolutely adorable looking miniature pig.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything as cute!


Work…yes…my webpage that I have been building whilst learning about htmls is looking quite bad! I have random photos and tables, crazy paragraphs and lines going absolutely no-where! But I am learning, and the more I copy and paste the more I’m understanding (hahahahaha) No really, I suppose I am kind of. I change little bits in the html code and it seems to work, so I must be getting it.

Oh yeah…Team Flumps won the Staff Sports Day =) Woohoo!


Toothache has got to be the most painful thing ever! I have 3 Wisdom Teeth making their way through my gums and they like to take it in turns when to inflict pain upon me.
Right now…I need my hot water bottle =(

On a slightly higher note, Team Flumps are BACK!! Oh Yes!! Taking part in the staff sports day on Wednesday (if enough teams sign up to take part).

Oh and, who likes using html…anyone?
Anyone at all…
Apparently we need to start using html more and word and pdf files less on webpages (I think thats what Tim said).

Another Day and More HTML

I’m still finding it quite difficult to get my head around it the more I read into it. At the minute I’m reading about formatting elements, and I’ve just read about creating lists…ordered with numbers, ordered with letters, ordered with roman numbers, unordered with squares, unordered with circles,definitions!
The first few pages I look at are ok, then it goes into telling you to put line breaks everywhere and how to align text and how to get it to do this and this and this…arrrggghhhhh arrrgggghhhhh arrggghhhh!
I’m doing it aswell. It tells you to use notepad and to copy and paste html codes from the website into notepad and then to open it in a web browser. Yeah, ok, thats pretty simple…but I’m still trying to fathom out what they mean and why they’re there and what they do!
I will get it into my head, I will, I will, I will.

Another thing that really bothers me is the student elections. The bed sheets and posters make the whole university look really tacky, its not nice to look at. Especially now I have to look at my housemate’s face everyday I walk into the main building. There’s a reason I hate going home, because he’s there, and now he’s all over campus…I can’t get away from him!! That may seem like the most horrid thing someone could ever say about a person, but believe me, if you met him, you’d feel the exact same way!

The Common Cold

Also known as: (viral upper respiratory tract infection (VURI), acute viral nasopharyngitis, acute viral rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, or a cold). It is a contagious, viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system, primarily caused by rhinoviruses, (picornaviruses) or coronaviruses.

And I have it! Its horrible, its snotty, and its ridiculously inconvenient. It makes you sneeze at the exact WRONG times, e.g. in a lecture room full of students in the middle of a lecture right when you need the name of a case, or when you’re having a one-to-one with your tutor and you have no tissue at hand, it makes your nose run constantly, and the most awful sound you can possibly make is coming out of your nose!

My process on learning HTML is verrryy slow. Its complex, confusing and c…c…c…complicated! In all honesty I have absolutely no idea what to do with it all. I’m viewing the source on nearly every webpage I look at and I’m just like…eh?! It reminds me of crazy alien writing that you might see in films. Kind of like when people go exploring and they come across all of the wall markings. The only difference is, someone is normally able to read them…I’m NOT that person!! Oh my goodness me…