Tincy Wincy Problem

So, after the blogs had been switched to a new server, I couldn’t access them…truth be told, I had a slight heart attack! I wanted to write in my blog and I couldn’t get onto it. Never ever ever thought I’d say that but its true, I wanted my blog and I couldn’t get to it!

Then Tim sorted it out!!

All good now =)

But still had absolutely no interest in blogging. Its looking pretty bleak at the minute, not good.

Coming Soon…

Team Blogs!

Ok, so, I’m looking at setting up a number of team blogs, after having a play around with the trial one already created.
Currently, there isn’t a lot of interest in blogging. Why not?!?!

The idea of setting up these team blogs is to be able to record goings on in your department, team and own working life and put it out there to other people in and around the university so they can see what’s going on elsewhere.
What it would be is, ideally, the main blog (the Big Boss) would have team blogs stemming from him and from the team blogs, your own individual blog where you can record anything you want…does that make sense?!? Does it sound at all appealing?!

Personally, what I’ve found with blogging since I started working in ICT is that it pretty much is a place where you can talk about anything you like, where you can write about things going on with you, its fun, you don’t need a specific writing style, its personal…its you!
Its no form of contact or immediacy, they’re not supposed to be. They’re just so people can get an insight into what projects you’re working on for example.

It would be great to get all of the departments in the University involved. So people from god knows where in the Uni can read about what someone else god knows where is doing. I know it doesn’t appeal to a lot of people, but surely it appeals to some, right??

Please please please give me some hope!!!

Come on…


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas.
Christmas day for us was hilarious. Max opening his presents was brilliant to watch. He was bought a new bed for his main present and then treats and toys. His favourite is a teddy duck, he likes to push its tummy with his nose to make it quack!

This is his bed...HUGE!!!
This is his bed...HUGE!!!
And this is Ducky!
And this is Ducky!

 My brother and I however, spent most of our Christmas playing on the Nintendo Wii on a game I was given as a present – ‘Just Dance’. For any of those who don’t know what it is, the clue is in the title! Its a dancing game where you can compete against each other to win points. My younger brother won…alot!!

Ben's favourite...'Can't Touch This'
Ben's favourite...'Can't Touch This'

First day back at work today…its a killer!! I miss my lie-ins already!!

What are people’s thoughts on blogging by the way? Anyone interested?
Departmental, Team or Individual Blogs??

Week Two

For starters I want to say how gutted I was to hear about M.J at the weekend…he was an absolute legend and my thoughts are with his family.

DAY 4 –
No major projects given yet! Well…nothing given yet. But I think everyone is really busy today so that will be why. I’d love to just go and walk round and talk to people and just ask them what they’re doing but I’m far too scared!! If everyone is busy they don’t need a newbie pestering them asking what they’re doing, thats the last thing they’ll want!

I had a meeting with Joss this morning about blogging (I needed some help) and it was great. Had a fiddle with the little bits and bobs on the dashboard page and read other people’s blogs. Not too sure if mine really is about what its supposed to be about (me in ICT) because I just seem to babble on about anything I’ve done!
I will be honest though, I have actually used today to have a look at some revision for my resit in August. A bit like what I was asked to do last week with the assignments and using different websites, but I’ve just been looking at something different.


I’m on my 3rd day now, I finished my induction this morning,  last meeting with Mike Day.

Yesterday I spent the day looking at the portal and everything in it and google again.
I did the same today until I couldn’t find anything more to look at so I thought about giving ‘blogging’ another go! And it still doesn’t seem to be working…I can’t seem to write things about my day that I think people will want to read!!!

I hope that I’ll be given lots of work to do next week =) I much prefer being busy than not doing anything. I’ve kinda ran out of things to look at now! I was told to re-do a past assignment from uni by using the uni’s services and by using google too. I did a couple…well I say I did a couple, I researched stuff as if I was going to answer them, and I found that google was tonnes better in giving me more results in my searches (obviously) but in finding journal articles and e-books (the next BIG thing!) the portal was loads better because it has the uni library website and the e-library too.

But…I can’t think of anything else to do now!

I think I’ll go and make a cup of tea =)