This Week…

…hasn’t been the best.
I got my first out of five assignments back and I wasn’t very happy. Quite gutted if I’m perfectly honest. It was one of my favourite ones that I wrote aswell, I really enjoyed writing it and I did PANTS! I don’t think I want my others back. Coursework is supposed to be my strength too, I normally rely on my marks from my written work so if I do ever do terrible on exams my coursework mark will bump it up a little. This is my final year and I don’t want to ‘flunk it’ (as my dad would say!) OH PANTS!!

My partner is struggling to walk because he has shin splints. They don’t sound too nice…what are they exactly?! Apart from being extremely painful!!
Are there any home remedies that might help them get better so he doesn’t have to pay £36 a session for people sticking pins in his legs or squeezing them so he screams?

BUT…last night at the youth club we did have a Tropical Animals show which was pretty Fab! He brought in snakes, birds, cute little meerkats, a scorpion and a spider =D The kids loved it, it was brillaint.
And and and…at the end when the kids had gone the guy let his meerkats out again and let them run around us. Never ever been so close to a meerkat so i could touch it before, they’re adorable and they really do look so much like Timon from the Lion King. (One of them was called Timon aswell!)
Here’s the link to my album on facebook of the animals (hopefully it will let you look at it!):

And on the blog front…still not much happening.

Good Morning World!

First of all..Come On Murray!!
Murray v Nadal LIVE on now. He’s doing quite good and its an awesome match so far. Incredible shots being played from them both. God I love Tennis! Its about the only sport I really really enjoy playing and watching.

And secondly…I’m still having a play with the ‘ict root blog’ at the minute, sorted out a theme and widgets that may suit the real blog when its created. This one is just a tester, an experiment if you wish, to see how the real one will look and work.
So far, I suppose its not too bad apart from the little problem I’m having trying to incorporate Nick Jackson’s Blog. Its fed mine through the root blog with no problem but I’ve tried to feed Nick’s through and its not having it unfortunately. Maybe its something I haven’t done…most probably is!!
Anyhoo…hopefully will get it sorted (with a little help from Joss) and then in the not too distant future, will have a real root blog set up for the Online Services Team to write on! And then, maybe, the whole of ICT, then….the whole University, MWAHAHAHAHA!!

Tincy Wincy Problem

So, after the blogs had been switched to a new server, I couldn’t access them…truth be told, I had a slight heart attack! I wanted to write in my blog and I couldn’t get onto it. Never ever ever thought I’d say that but its true, I wanted my blog and I couldn’t get to it!

Then Tim sorted it out!!

All good now =)

But still had absolutely no interest in blogging. Its looking pretty bleak at the minute, not good.

Roll on June!!

2 holidays in 1 month, what more could a girl want?!

busy busy busy 2 months =)
28th May – Leona Lewis Concert in Sheffield (21st birthday present from partner)
8th June – Portugal (the algarve) for a week with partner
16th June – Partner’s 21st birthday
19th June – Cyprus (paphos) with parents and brother for 11 days (21st birthday present from mum and dad)
10th July – end of tenancy in student house

Get exams out of the way first then i’ll be freeeeeeeeeee!!!

Niiiicceeee =)

Coming Soon…

Team Blogs!

Ok, so, I’m looking at setting up a number of team blogs, after having a play around with the trial one already created.
Currently, there isn’t a lot of interest in blogging. Why not?!?!

The idea of setting up these team blogs is to be able to record goings on in your department, team and own working life and put it out there to other people in and around the university so they can see what’s going on elsewhere.
What it would be is, ideally, the main blog (the Big Boss) would have team blogs stemming from him and from the team blogs, your own individual blog where you can record anything you want…does that make sense?!? Does it sound at all appealing?!

Personally, what I’ve found with blogging since I started working in ICT is that it pretty much is a place where you can talk about anything you like, where you can write about things going on with you, its fun, you don’t need a specific writing style, its personal…its you!
Its no form of contact or immediacy, they’re not supposed to be. They’re just so people can get an insight into what projects you’re working on for example.

It would be great to get all of the departments in the University involved. So people from god knows where in the Uni can read about what someone else god knows where is doing. I know it doesn’t appeal to a lot of people, but surely it appeals to some, right??

Please please please give me some hope!!!

Come on…


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas.
Christmas day for us was hilarious. Max opening his presents was brilliant to watch. He was bought a new bed for his main present and then treats and toys. His favourite is a teddy duck, he likes to push its tummy with his nose to make it quack!

This is his bed...HUGE!!!
This is his bed...HUGE!!!
And this is Ducky!
And this is Ducky!

 My brother and I however, spent most of our Christmas playing on the Nintendo Wii on a game I was given as a present – ‘Just Dance’. For any of those who don’t know what it is, the clue is in the title! Its a dancing game where you can compete against each other to win points. My younger brother won…alot!!

Ben's favourite...'Can't Touch This'
Ben's favourite...'Can't Touch This'

First day back at work today…its a killer!! I miss my lie-ins already!!

What are people’s thoughts on blogging by the way? Anyone interested?
Departmental, Team or Individual Blogs??