Good Morning World!

Posted on January 26th, 2010 by Kirsty Adams

First of all..Come On Murray!!
Murray v Nadal LIVE on now. He’s doing quite¬†good and its an awesome match so far. Incredible shots being played from them both. God I love Tennis! Its about the only sport I really really enjoy playing and watching.

And secondly…I’m still having a play with the ‘ict root blog’ at the minute, sorted out a theme and widgets that may suit the real blog when its created. This one is just a tester, an experiment if you wish, to see how the real one will look and work.
So far, I suppose its not too bad apart from the little problem I’m having trying to incorporate Nick Jackson’s Blog. Its fed mine through the root blog with no problem but I’ve tried to feed Nick’s through and its not having it unfortunately. Maybe its something I haven’t done…most probably is!!
Anyhoo…hopefully will get it sorted (with a little help from Joss) and then in the not too distant future, will have a real root blog set up for the Online Services Team to write on! And then, maybe, the whole of ICT, then….the whole University, MWAHAHAHAHA!!


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