Thank Goodness!

My heart has now officially stopped beating a trillion times a minute. Since the stupid volcano decided to spit out its contents I have been worrying that I wouldn’t be able to go on my holidays, not getting money back, being double booked, airlines going bust…etc, etc. Finally it has stopped and now I, and most other people going on holiday soon, can sleep in peace!
But this volcano has brought new worries into my mind about my travelling back from Cyprus alone! I’ve never flown on my own before and I’m terrified that something is going to happen that will stop me from getting back home. As much as I’d love to stay in Cyprus, I wouldn’t like to stay in the airport, I would much prefer to return to horrible old England.

Oh how I would love to be sat outside in the sunshine right now!

Stupid Builders

It is a well-known fact that students can sleep for days on end, and if they don’t get enough sleep they become extremely groggy. Say hello to your new Groggy Student Employee =| Last week I spent my week from Tuesday to Sunday getting up at 7am to walk a dog in the rain on the boggiest field you could ever imagine, to then try and clean this dog who would not sit still! I then come home to my horrid student house which is so cold it felt as though I was walking into a freezer. THEN…for the whole of this week I’ve been woken up at 8am every morning by the stupid builders who are messing about with our roof. I don’t care that my roommates’ ceiling is leaking…let me sleep for goodness sake!!! So, instead of having a nice relaxing easter, I have been walking far too many steps and I have been awake for far too many hours considering I have had nothing to do. Us students have to sleep!
Exams are coming up pretty soon and I can’t revise because all I want to do is sleep…its been a horrible easter break. I wish exams would hurry up and be over so I can jet off to a couple of hot countries, yes please!!

This is Missy, the lovely dog that we looked after...
...And this is what the lovely dog did on her walks!

Oh I do say, it’s lovely weather!

This sunshine is making me uncontrollably excited for my holidays in a few months time.
For some unknown reason I have an urge to learn how to surf! It would be pretty amazing, although I would have to learn how to swim proparly first. I want to be able to wear the Roxy Surf Stuff without looking like a complete idiot walking down Lincoln High Street.

Anyway…not much to tell really, apart from the fact I am now trying to learn about CSS.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I ate 2 breakfasts this morning…2!!! I have never eaten that much in a morning before, I’ve only just recently started eating breakfast again! I feel extremely pigish right now, haha.

And whilst looking for this lovely picture, I found this absolutely adorable looking miniature pig.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything as cute!


Work…yes…my webpage that I have been building whilst learning about htmls is looking quite bad! I have random photos and tables, crazy paragraphs and lines going absolutely no-where! But I am learning, and the more I copy and paste the more I’m understanding (hahahahaha) No really, I suppose I am kind of. I change little bits in the html code and it seems to work, so I must be getting it.

Oh yeah…Team Flumps won the Staff Sports Day =) Woohoo!


Toothache has got to be the most painful thing ever! I have 3 Wisdom Teeth making their way through my gums and they like to take it in turns when to inflict pain upon me.
Right now…I need my hot water bottle =(

On a slightly higher note, Team Flumps are BACK!! Oh Yes!! Taking part in the staff sports day on Wednesday (if enough teams sign up to take part).

Oh and, who likes using html…anyone?
Anyone at all…
Apparently we need to start using html more and word and pdf files less on webpages (I think thats what Tim said).