I’ve re-re-done a past assignment today, a little bit more in-depth than when I did it the other day, I’ve literally used everything I can possibly think of that would help me to write a uni assignment.

I started with the unit handbook, which includes little questions that tend to give a brief background to the topic the assignment is on. I then moved onto Blackboard, where lecture slides are posted so you can access them whenever. Then I used the portal…what an absolute godsend!! Its brilliant for the E-Library links, e.g. Westlaw and Lexis Nexis, and for accessing the Library website too. The portal allows me to access E-Books and E-Journals and scan through books and journals on the internet, instead of having to check them out of the library.

I had a go at using google, but believe it or not they’re not specific…they have so many books and links none of them are as relevant as I need them to be.

2 thoughts on “Re-Re-Done

  1. It’s great to see you using specific resources for your research. Google is not always the answer. When you do use Google, it’s good to know how to get the most out of its advanced search features. You can watch lots of short video tutorials on the Google Search Tutorial blog and there are links in the sidebar to more useful information.

    Good luck with your research!

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