A Big Fat Favour…?

I’ve been asked to write a report comparing Google documents and Microsoft Word.
I haven’t yet starting writing the report, that will hopefully start tomorrow, I’ve been gathering information and writing notes today.
I’ve written part of a past assignment in both Google Docs and in Microsoft Word and I want to share this with you by posting the link on here. I would be a massive help if you could try and access the document and let me know if you could access it ok or not. It allows you to leave comments and add pictures aswell so if you have anything thoughts then please, go ahead and leave something and let me know what you personally think of Google Docs =)



6 thoughts on “A Big Fat Favour…?

  1. Works fine for me Kirsty. I don’t follow consumer law as closely as I should so I’ve left an irrelevant picture and a couple of comments in the document. It’s not immediately clear where I’ve saved it to or whether you’ll be able to see my changes.

  2. That’s brilliant thankyou Julian =) Can see the house and comments fine. As soon as you save something it will keep it on that document, I didn’t know if anything had saved the first time I used it aswell!

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