Online Word Processors

Since re-attempting my report of Google Documents, I have come across quite a few ‘Online Word Processors’. I never knew these existed until I met Google Documents and since researching Google Docs I have found more! I think they’re fab! For most of them you need to have an account, but still…they’re handy.

There is also speculation that I am not the typical student, due to the fact I check my student e-mails (all the time), I think the automatic updates sent to the student e-mail (and staff e-mail) are very useful and as Tim witnessed today, I get excited when my new sites for 09/10 are posted on Blackboard!!
Hmmm…actually…I suppose I know where Tim is coming from!

2 thoughts on “Online Word Processors

  1. Lucky you, getting all your Blackboard units already. I’m still stuck in 08/09 (and some kind person has put a load of widgets I’ll never use on my home page).

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