Stupid Builders

It is a well-known fact that students can sleep for days on end, and if they don’t get enough sleep they become extremely groggy. Say hello to your new Groggy Student Employee =| Last week I spent my week from Tuesday to Sunday getting up at 7am to walk a dog in the rain on the boggiest field you could ever imagine, to then try and clean this dog who would not sit still! I then come home to my horrid student house which is so cold it felt as though I was walking into a freezer. THEN…for the whole of this week I’ve been woken up at 8am every morning by the stupid builders who are messing about with our roof. I don’t care that my roommates’ ceiling is leaking…let me sleep for goodness sake!!! So, instead of having a nice relaxing easter, I have been walking far too many steps and I have been awake for far too many hours considering I have had nothing to do. Us students have to sleep!
Exams are coming up pretty soon and I can’t revise because all I want to do is sleep…its been a horrible easter break. I wish exams would hurry up and be over so I can jet off to a couple of hot countries, yes please!!

This is Missy, the lovely dog that we looked after...
...And this is what the lovely dog did on her walks!

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